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Need a vet? New squeaky toy? Check out our services and supplies section for all you and your pet need.

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Puppy Love

Are you looking for dogs for sale in Cumbria? Do you have a dog, puppy or litter to sell? Search our dogs for sale listings by clicking below..

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What's New Pussycat?

If you’re searching for cats for sale in Cumbria, or if you want to advertise your cat for others to buy, please click here..

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Horsing Around

Looking for a horse for sale in Cumbria? Click below for our equine listings where you’ll find horses for sale or for loan. Or visit our classified section for horses at stud and events..

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Tiny Balls of Fur

Want to know more about keeping a guinea pig? Interested in keeping ferrets? What type of food does a rat eat? How should you be handling your rabbits? Click below for advice and information..

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Something Fishy

A quick guide to the basics of keeping fish. What type of tank should you buy? Which type of fish food? How to keep fish healthy and other questions answered..

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Birds of a Feather

Read our beginners guide to keeping birds. Everything from what they eat to required living conditions and how to keep your birds healthy..

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Exotic Pets

Whether you’re interested in insects, reptiles, snakes or other exotic pets, we have information to get you started..

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Our classified pages contain a wide variety of listings for pets in Cumbria. We have everything from dogs, cats, rabbits, to fish, horses and reptiles. You can search for an animal ‘at stud’, a pet that needs re-homing, look for related events, services and suppliers......


Dog rescued after going missing on fells a fortnight ago

Two hikers have rescued a dog who went missing on the fells two weeks ago. Zeus, a young Dogue de …

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Dramatic rescue of dog in Carlisle river

A dramatic rescue operation was launched after a dog got into trouble in Carlisle’s River Eden. Louis the black Labrador …

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West Cumbrian paramedics rescue kitten stuck in ambulance

A major rescue mission has been carried out by big-hearted paramedics to bring a little kitten to safety. It has …

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Furness riding group gets vital funding boost

(l-r) India Hutchason, Judith Stitt, Alison Webb and Jack Glasgow on Jumble the horse from the Furness group RDA (Riding …

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Paws on Parade!

  Dogs of all shapes and sizes were ‘strutting their stuff’ at the annual Oak Tree Animals’ Charity Dog Show …

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Lola escapes death in swollen river – with help from her friends and a tasty dog biscuit

WITH little help from her friends, and the promise of a tasty biscuit, Lola the Jack Russell narrowly escaped a …

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Latest Pet Advice

Should I get a dog?

There are many joys in owning a dog, they are loving, loyal creatures with the purest hearts that can even …

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House training rabbits, a ferret with bad breath and a bald cat – your pet questions answered! Q: I’M planning …

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Why should you spay or neuter your pets?

Spaying or neutering your pets does not only stop unwanted pregnancies but can have health benefits for your pets too! …

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Pets for sale – Fraud warning from police in Cumbria

The Mail By Amy Fenton 5th July 2017 POLICE in Cumbria are warning residents to be wary of scams involving …

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Getting a Pet Rabbit

There are many you things that you need to consider if you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit. Rabbits …

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Fresh warning over snake danger in South Cumbria

By Emma Preston NWEM 10 June 2017 3:39PM VETS have warned pet-owners in South Cumbria to be vigilant after two …

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