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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2013’

  • Responsible re-homing

    Equine charities receive a large number of calls every month from horse owners seeking alternative homes for their animals. There are over one million horses and donkeys in the UK and the charitable sector has limited space available and must prioritise welfare and rescue cases. Welfare …

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  • Tetanus and influenza vaccinations for horses and ponies

    Prevention is ultimately better than cure and inoculation can provide horses with immunity against commonly occurring debilitating infections. The principle of all vaccinations is to initiate a course of injections followed by ‘booster’ doses at various intervals, depending on the type of vaccine and the immunity provided. …

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  • To stable or not to stable

    During the winter, horse owners often worry about whether their horse should be tucked up in its stable or outside in the cold. How many of us keep our horse stabled during the winter months as a matter of course? Is it to make sure they don’t …

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  • Top Tips for Buying a Horse

    If you are considering BUYING a horse, to ensure the legitimacy of the horse and horse owner we have our own top 10 tips for buying a horse. Decide what you need. Never buy unseen. Bring an experienced horse person with you. Check identification. Get the …

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  • Winter Welfare Tips

    World Horse Welfare cares for around 330 horses at any one time across our four UK Recovery and Rehabilitation Centres. Even at our most Northern Centre; Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire, horses are only rugged if they are clipped, particularly elderly, underweight or thin skinned. Deputy Chief Executive …

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  • Rabbit1

    Bunny welfare

    Get your rabbits neutered, unless they are intended for breeding and provisions have been made to care for both parents and offspring. Before allowing rabbits to breed, seek the advice of your vet to ensure they are suitable for breeding in terms of their health and personalities. …

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  • Rabbit

    Keeping rabbits

    Food Rabbits need to be fed a balanced diet which is high in fibre. This will help to support their growth, movement, and digestion, along with their general wellbeing. In caring for your rabbit, it is important that you maintain its diet and that you do not …

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  • Volunteering for RSPCA

    Volunteering for the RSPCA is one enjoyable way of helping animal welfare and can be very rewarding. We have a large network of local branches throughout England and Wales, each committed to carrying out local animal welfare and enhanced by a number of regional animal centres, wildlife centres, animal hospitals and clinics. Our volunteers make a …

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  • Animal Welfare

    Copeland Borough Council work with organisations such as the RSPCA, DogsTrust and local kennels to prevent the mistreatment of animals as well as educate people on how to be a responsible pet owner. Our environmental officers can provide you with information and advice on who …

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  • Reporting Cruelty

    You can make a real difference As a direct consequence of public action, hundreds of successful RSPCA prosecutions are made each year and thousands of animals are saved from further suffering. If in doubt always contact us and set your mind at rest. Read our checklist Take …

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