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Need a vet? New squeaky toy? Check out our services and supplies section for all you and your pet need.

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Puppy Love

Are you looking for dogs for sale in Cumbria? Do you have a dog, puppy or litter to sell? Search our dogs for sale listings by clicking below..

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What's New Pussycat?

If you’re searching for cats for sale in Cumbria, or if you want to advertise your cat for others to buy, please click here..

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Horsing Around

Looking for a horse for sale in Cumbria? Click below for our equine listings where you’ll find horses for sale or for loan. Or visit our classified section for horses at stud and events..

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Tiny Balls of Fur

Want to know more about keeping a guinea pig? Interested in keeping ferrets? What type of food does a rat eat? How should you be handling your rabbits? Click below for advice and information..

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Something Fishy

A quick guide to the basics of keeping fish. What type of tank should you buy? Which type of fish food? How to keep fish healthy and other questions answered..

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Birds of a Feather

Read our beginners guide to keeping birds. Everything from what they eat to required living conditions and how to keep your birds healthy..

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Exotic Pets

Whether you’re interested in insects, reptiles, snakes or other exotic pets, we have information to get you started..

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Our classified pages contain a wide variety of listings for pets in Cumbria. We have everything from dogs, cats, rabbits, to fish, horses and reptiles. You can search for an animal ‘at stud’, a pet that needs re-homing, look for related events, services and suppliers......


Conker the dog shaken after thugs set fire to lead.

A much-loved family pet was left terrified when yobs set fire to his lead outside a supermarket – while the …

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April’s Perfect Pet

We all think we have the cutest pets, but how about putting that belief to the test? Send in your …

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PetsInCumbria Spotlight – Warrior at HAPPA

Check out HAPPA Warrior, a 14.3hh, Liver Chestnut, Arab gelding who was born in 1993. This 21 year old well-mannered …

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Cat woman fosters 100 cats – make that 110 and counting..

A woman has been hailed a heroine for felines after fostering her 100th cat – and her 101st, 102nd, 103rd… …

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Meet Seve, he owns humans..

Seve is big, boisterous and very hairy. He’s a handsome young champion and he knows it. His proud owners know it too. That’s if …

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Competing at Crufts 2014

  So Crufts is over for another year. Competition was as tough as ever, with the best in show going …

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Latest Pet Advice
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Check your pet’s mouth regularly

EVERY fortnight, JOHN STITT, BVM&S MRCVS, a vet at the Alexander Vet Centre, writes for our Pets pages. DO you …

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Service Gives Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

FOR many pet owners, especially elderly people, what happens to their animals if they die before them is a major …

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Time to Brush up on the Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Oral Hygiene

WITH National Pet Smile Month under way, leading vet charity, PDSA, is reminding owners of the importance of taking care …

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Where to get a dog & where not to get a dog!

A dog lives on average 12+ years – these days that means a dogs life is longer than the average …

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Treats important to rewarding dog during training

Are you concerned about your dog’s behaviour or do you have any questions about training? Dog training and behaviour consultant, …

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Yellow ribbon shows dog needs space

Seeing a normal-looking dog approaching you with a big yellow ribbon or bandanna attached could easily bring a smile to …

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Copeland stray dogs

A dog that is loose or escapes into a public place and is not under supervision can be a menace. …

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Carlisle strays welfare

Animal Welfare If you suspect that an animal of any kind is being subjected to any form or cruelty then …

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