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  • Fresh warning over snake danger in South Cumbria

    By Emma Preston NWEM 10 June 2017 3:39PM VETS have warned pet-owners in South Cumbria to be vigilant after two dogs suffered snake bites within the space of 10 days. Oakhill Veterinary Group in Windermere issued the appeal on Facebook this morning, asking people to …

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  • Protect your pets!

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  • Keep your pets cool this summer with these hot tips!

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  • Summer safety tips for dogs

      As the weather is starting to get warmer it is important that you know how best to keep your dogs cool and healthy during the summer months. As much as we all love to frolic in the sunshine it is important to remember that …

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    PERCY and ROBIN are two very lively Staffies. They are devoted to each other so have to be homed together. Very affectionate and have lived with children, but not good with some dogs. REEF 5yr old Terrier Cross who is very friendly and loves attention but …

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  • Pet 2


    A veterinary practice is offering expert help to north Cumbria’s growing army of roly-poly pets…. Cats and dogs are apparently prey to all the usual medical complications that can afflict overweight humans- and there is evidence that they are suffering because of a surge in …

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    Preparing For a New Dog Guide

    Sainsbury’s Bank have created a comprehensive guide to preparing for a new dog in your home, with information and tips on topics ranging from choosing a breed and age of dog, to choosing the right insurance and training your new canine friend. The full guide is available …

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  • Gentle dogs settle in to homes with ease

    GREYHOUND racing remains one of Britain’s most popular sport. Walk past a bookie and greyhounds have just as big a profile as horses. But what happens to the thousands of dogs who don’t make it on the track or whose career has come to an …

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    Distemper warning to dog owners

    A dog has died after contracting a virus which vets have not seen for years. The nine-year-old animal was treated by Craig Robinson Vets, in Carlisle, after contracting distemper in the city. Unfortunately, because it is a virus, there are no antibiotics or treatments and so …

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    Check your pet’s mouth regularly

    EVERY fortnight, JOHN STITT, BVM&S MRCVS, a vet at the Alexander Vet Centre, writes for our Pets pages. DO you brush your teeth twice daily? Do you visit the dentist once or twice yearly? How often do you look in your pet’s mouth? Research has …

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