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Category Archive for: ‘Exotics’

  • Good reptiles for beginners

    While reptiles can make rewarding pets they do require a high level of commitment and many people embark on ownership without realising how expensive or difficult they can be to care for properly. Particularly when you are a beginner, the right choice of reptile can …

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  • Reptilepet

    Reptile keeping and the law FAQs

    Like just about everything else in life, there are laws to be obeyed when it comes to keeping pets – and pet reptiles are no exception. Fortunately, however, keeping on the right side of the boys in blue isn’t too hard, but as always, it …

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  • Lizard

    What to do if your reptile escapes

    First of all prevention really is better than cure. So above all else, spend time making sure that your reptile enclosure is absolutely escape-proof. You’d be amazed at the size of gaps that some snakes or lizards can squeeze through or how strong some reptiles …

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  • Snake

    What to feed your reptiles

    Feeding is the one area where keeping reptiles may be quite different to keeping other pets. Unlike dogs, cats, rodents and birds, it is difficult to maintain nutritional balance and health by feeding your reptile on commercial reptile foods. This means that you may have …

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  • Reptile 622x244

    Creating the Right Environment for Your Reptile

    Unlike many other pets, reptiles will spend a large part of their lives in their enclosures or terrariums and in some instances, may have been caught in the wild- therefore, it is vital to give proper thought to the design and set-up of your pet …

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