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A tale of two lost cats – to chip or not to chip?

EVERY fortnight, JOHN STITT, BVM&S MRCVS, a vet at the Alexander Vet Centre, answers your questions Q WE recently found …

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Hyperthyroidism could make your cat seriously ill

Q MY cat has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease. The vet said this is very common in older cats …

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Cat spraying in house could be stress-related

Q: Our male cat has started spraying urine in the house. Until now he has always used his litter tray. …

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Essential tips to care for kittens

THINGS a new owner needs to know to look after a new kitten from Hills Pet Nutrition: A couple of …

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Some cats will stay in a charity’s care

NOT all cats taken in by animal charities and shelters are for rehoming because they are found to be feral. …

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Microchip code will identify pet if it gets lost

MICROCHIPPING pets gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to their owners if they become lost or …

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