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: Egremont, Cumbria
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Rosie is an 8 year old Border Collie X Bearded Collie. She is house-trained but not spayed. She may be middle-aged but she's fit and well and full of life and energy.

Although Rosie is generally a sweet and friendly dog , unfortunately she does have a few issues. She is nervous of sudden movements and this has caused her to occasionally nip in her previous home. She would be unsuitable for busy homes or for families with young children.

Rosie walks fairly well on the lead but she doesn't like passing traffic, so a more rural home would be desirable for her. She's not keen on other dogs and will often growl at any she comes across. She is very noisy when travelling and needs to be crated for her own safety.

This cute dog is currently in foster care and needs that special someone who can look after her and help her regain the confidence that something in her past has caused her to lose.
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