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Help overweight dogs and cats to trim down

Do you need expert advice about your pet? GILL BROWNE, of Alexander Veterinary Centre, Barrow, gives tips on how to …

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Diarrhoea a common problem in dogs

Q: MY dog has had diarrhoea for three days and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I tried …

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Can you stop dogs swallowing rocks?

Q: OUR dog has been to the vets this week for surgery. It is the third time he has swallowed …

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Kennel cough concerns

Q I TOOK my dog to the vets because he started coughing. The vet said he has kennel cough but …

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Ask the vet – What is the best food to feed my dog?

Do you need expert advice about your pet? Each week KATE HORNBY (BSc BVMS MRCVS), a vet at Grove Veterinary …

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Microchip code will identify pet if it gets lost

MICROCHIPPING pets gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to their owners if they become lost or …

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