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Preparing For a New Dog Guide

Sainsbury’s Bank have created a comprehensive guide to preparing for a new dog in your home, with information and tips on topics ranging from choosing a breed and age of dog, to choosing the right insurance and training your new canine friend.

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The full guide is available through the link below, and is split into the following topics:

  • Are you ready to get a dog?
  • Choosing a breed
  • Hypoallergenic breeds
  • Should you get a puppy or an adult dog?
  • Where to find your dog
  • Picking up your dog
  • Bringing your new dog home
  • Dog-proof your home
  • Introductions
  • Training your new dog
  • Toilet training
  • Protecting and looking after your dog
  • Check-ups and vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Choosing the right insurance

Click here to view the full Preparing For a New Dog Guide from Sainsbury’s Bank


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