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750 and still going strong


750 and still going strong:

The Animals’ Refuge continues have a successful 2016, and has recently helped its 750th animal of the year.

“Mr Squawkypants” (yes that is his actual name), has been living as an outdoor cat for several weeks. With no microchip found upon inspection, and there having been no response to the paper message collar fitted, the charity is now pretty certain that he is a lost cat and needs to come into our care.

“It is great to know that we have been able to help another animal in need within our local community,” says Rachel Griffiths, Chair of Trustees, “It is a great credit to our staff, that their professional approach to animal welfare has helped us reach this fantastic number of animals in 2016. Mr Squawkypants sounds quite a character! I know that our team will help him find a new and loving home very soon.” Mr Squawkypants will be looking for new home after the 8th October.

So far this year the Animals’ Refuge has helped 203 dogs, 439 cats, 53 horses and 55 smaller animals and farm animals. Every year they help hundreds of animals in need through their community outreach and rehoming programmes. Through these programmes they offer pro-active assistance and promote responsible pet ownership through up-to-date advice and education. The service provided by them is constantly changing, depending on the needs of the local community, and its animals, at any specific time. They also operate with the aim of being accessible to everyone, allowing them to reach and help the largest number of animals possible.

If you would like to find out more about the Animals’ Refuge’s work and their exciting plans for the future, please visit They would also like to thank all of the local community for their continued support, as this is vital in enabling the charity to help animals such as Mr Squawkypants.


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