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A Man’s best friend is Cumbria’s most persecuted pet, with more than 800 cruelty complaints relating to dogs in a year. More than 200 cats and nearly 500 other animals were also suspected to have been harmed in the country last year.

The rate of attacks on dogs in Cumbria reflects a cruel trend nationally.

Across the country, RSPCA figures show that nearly 57 per cent of complaints investigated across England in 2015 related to dogs. This compares  to nearly 24 per cent which related to cats, the second most abused pet.

Nationally, there were 81,146 investigations into cruelty towards dogs. In the RSPCA’s north, which includes Cumbria region, the percentage of complaints investigated relating to dogs was even higher at 59 per cent.

Overall, across England and Wales, there was 143,004 complaints of animal cruelty investigated in 2015, down from 159,831 in 2014.

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