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Lola escapes death in swollen river – with help from her friends and a tasty dog biscuit

WITH little help from her friends, and the promise of a tasty biscuit, Lola the Jack Russell narrowly escaped a watery death in Carlisle’s River Eden.

Fire crews from the city were called out just after mid-day yesterday when the adventurous dog gave her owner the slip and leaped into the rain-swollen river at Sheepmount before clambering on to a narrow riverside ledge.

Trapped and terrified beside a steep concrete wall, Lola could easily have been swept away by the fast-flowing River Eden.

But firefighters from Carlisle’s stations in the east and west of the city, supported by a police community support officer (PCSO) armed with a Bonio dog biscuit, eventually coaxed the terrified animal to re-enter the water and swim to safety.

Carlisle East crew manager Bob Carruthers said the dog’s owner has mobility issues and so was unable to catch Lola when she ran off.

“The dog jumped in at the confluence of the Rivers Cadlew and Eden and swam across to the river’s Etterby side before climbing on to a narrow ledge,” said Mr Carruthers. “When we arrived, it was exhausted and frightened.

“We had to work out whether to encourage it stay where it was or try to coax it back into the water to be rescued but the dog was quite unsettled.

“One of our crews got the rescue boat ready while the other went over to the Etterby side but eventually as we were launching the boat the dog took the plunge and managed to swim to a little tributary where it was rescued.

“We deployed all our usual river rescue techniques and safety procedures and it was good training. The dog was lucky not to be swept away as the river was quite swollen after all the heavy rain.

“There was a PCSO on hand with a Bonio biscuit – and the dog seemed extremely grateful.”

6 July 2017 2:45PM

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