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Cumbrian’s are being invited to name Guide Dog puppies to help raise money for charity.

One such dog is Spring who at nearly five years old is now a working guide dog. She was named by a group who raised £5,000 for the Guide Dog charity.

Susan Robinson, Cumbria Fundraiser for Guide Dogs said “The group that named Spring gave an incredible gift. We are so grateful to the people who fundraised and those who donated. As a result of their help, we have been able to change a life. It is not just Spring who is a life changer, but also those who helped raise the funds to name her.”

Guide dogs train over 800 dogs with new blind or partially sighted owners each year and with no government support the charity relies entirely on public donations for this service.

The charity’s Name a Puppy scheme invites groups, companies and individuals to make a gift or to fundraise to support a puppy through their first training stage, which the charity calls Puppy Walking.

Through the Name a Puppy scheme as well as choosing a name for £5000, donors will also hear about their adventure as a guide dog puppy and meet the pup too.

Those interested in the Name a Puppy scheme should email [email protected] or call 0118 983 0190. Website:

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