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General Pet Information

Rewarding opportunities on offer

Q MY daughter is just starting her GCSEs and is thinking about becoming a veterinary nurse. What does the training …

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Pets in danger from hot weather

Pet owners are being reminded that it’s not just people whose health is at risk as temperatures are set to …

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Where to get a dog & where not to get a dog!

A dog lives on average 12+ years – these days that means a dogs life is longer than the average …

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Volunteering for RSPCA

Volunteering for the RSPCA is one enjoyable way of helping animal welfare and can be very rewarding. We have a large network …

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Animal Welfare

Copeland Borough Council work with organisations such as the RSPCA, DogsTrust and local kennels to prevent the mistreatment of animals …

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Reporting Cruelty

You can make a real difference As a direct consequence of public action, hundreds of successful RSPCA prosecutions are made each …

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