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Pets in danger from hot weather

Pet owners are being reminded that it’s not just people whose health is at risk as temperatures are set to soar even higher.

Richard Nixon, a vet at the Craig Robinson surgery in Rosehill, Carlisle, revealed that a dog died of heatstroke before staff could carry out any treatment.

And with the Met Office predicting temperatures of up to 25C today and 27C in Carlisle on Friday, and with the sunshine likely to continue into the weekend, Mr Nixon said: “Dogs like Staffordshire bull terriers tend to suffer during the heat because they’re so hyper, and the long-haired breeds also suffer.

“The main issue is usually leaving them in hot cars but they are affected by sunstroke as well, so it’s important not to take them out during the middle of the day when it’s hottest. Many of our clients seem to be very sensible and it’s amazing how many we’ve seen out walking at seven in the morning.”

Mr Nixon added that it is important to keep domestic rabbits in the shade and to close the curtains inside the home to protect animals indoors.

Rob Melloy, the RSPCA’s chief inspector for Cumbria, said: “The furry, feathery and scaly members of the household can find the sticky weather as uncomfortable as us, so it is important that owners are diligent and take precautions to prevent the weather from causing suffering.

“Simple things like moving small animals out of direct sunlight, topping up drinking water and waiting until the cooler part of the day to walk your dog or ride your horse can make a real difference to the welfare of your animals.”

The RSPB is urging people to turn their gardens into homes for nature by topping up birdbaths, creating a make-shift pond from a washing-up tub or putting down a saucer filled with water. A Met Office spokeswoman said: “The rest of the week looks great for most of Cumbria with a great deal of sunshine to come.”

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