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A rabbit rescue mission was carried out by a passing postman as water rose around their hutch. Eight rabbits were pulled from flood water by postman Jonty Halcrow, after a burst water main caused chaos.

Owner Susan McAvoy, of Westmorland Road, Hensingham, had just returned from walking her dogs when she noticed her flooded garden.  As she battled to keep the dogs safe, Jonty waded into the water and lifted the rabbits out one by one.

She said ‘I’d gone to walk my dog, I was only out 25 minutes. It was a lovely sunny day but the water mains burst and flooded my garden. I managed to get the dogs out but there was nearly 2ft of water, it was quite horrendous. “I was panicking, they’re only tiny but the postman waded straight in. He only had trainers on as well, he did a grand job. I just didn’t expect it.”

Four of the rabbits are only babies and when water rose to the top step of the porch, Susan feared the worst. But thanks to Jonty, the rabbits are now safe and dry and the mains problem has been fixed.

“I’m just glad they didn’t drown. I have kept thinking people have had it much worse with flooding in their homes.” said Susan. “I gave him some money to say thank you and to get himself some new trainers.”

“A neighbour offered him some trainers to carry on his round but he said ‘No, I’ll be alright, I’m always drenched’.”






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