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No teeth, no horse

Good dental care is essential for a horse’s well being. Horses with poor teeth soon suffer from a host of other problems.

Use the following checklist to ensure good tooth care:

  • Get a vet or qualified equine dentist, who has been referred by a vet, to check your horse’s teeth at least once a year
  • With horses aged 16 or over, increase the checks to twice a year Horse’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lives so once a tooth is lost the corresponding tooth on the opposite jaw will continue to grow unchecked. In this situation, the remaining tooth must be rasped regularly
  • Horses’ teeth wear down with age. Wear must be kept even with regular rasping to ensure efficient feeding
  • Carry out regular checks for tartar, abscesses and gum disease
  • A healthy diet for your horse will help keep his teeth strong.

Article replicated with kind permission from theWorld Horse Welfare website.

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