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Just in Case

The one subject every horse owner should know about is the one subject most of us don’t consider. It’s all about …

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Keep your horse healthy with a free disease prevention pack

Last year, the UK horse industry was given a reminder of the increasing threat from infectious disease when Equine Infectious …

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WHAT ARE LAMINITIS, FOUNDER AND SINKERS? WHO IS AT RISK? The distal phalanx (coffin bone) is suspended in the horse’s …

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No teeth, no horse

Good dental care is essential for a horse’s well being. Horses with poor teeth soon suffer from a host of other …

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Preventing Horse Thefts

Sadly, horse thefts do happen, but there are things that owners can do to deter thieves. Things you can do: …

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Imagine this: You stop eating. You get stomach pains. You’re losing weight – fast. You have no energy. The sun hurts …

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