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Top Tips for Buying a Horse

If you are considering BUYING a horse, to ensure the legitimacy of the horse and horse owner we have our own top 10 tips for buying a horse.

  1. Decide what you need.
  2. Never buy unseen.
  3. Bring an experienced horse person with you.
  4. Check identification.
  5. Get the horse vetted.
  6. Make sure the horse is fit for purpose.
  7. Ensure the vendor is reputable.
  8. Beware of return agreements.
  9. Get a written receipt.
  10. And most importantly…Always consider the cost and commitment.

Why buy when you can rehome? – We hope you will consider rehoming over buying, and give a horse in need a second chance in life. All the horses from World Horse Welfare are fully MOT’d by the vet and farrier and come with a passport, microchip and the honest facts about their temperament and abilities. Visit the rehoming pages of their website today to see the wide variety of horses and ponies looking for new homes.


Article replicated with kind permission from the World Horse Welfare website.

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