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Abandoned dogs are best friends at Cumbrian Animals’ Refuge

It’s not quite puppy love but it’s the next best thing.

Danny (left) and Mr. Jingles (right)

Danny (left) and Mr. Jingles (right)

The canine friends met three months ago at the north Cumbrian Animals’ Refuge near Wetheral.

Since then the handsome pair have become inseparable and even insist on occupying adjoining kennels at the refuge.

Four-year-old black-and-white lurcher Mr Jingles has been at the refuge since being abandoned two Christmases ago.

When Tan lurcher Danny came along after being picked up by a dog warden wandering the streets of Carlisle it was love at first sight for Mr Jingles.

“With Danny, Mr Jingles found true love, and Danny is prepared to put up with it,” said refuge senior animal welfare officer Amanda Robinson.

“When we put Danny in a kennel next to Mr Jingles they had a bit of a chat and then struck a mutual agreement.”

Amanda has worked at the refuge for the past six years and looks after the rehoming block. She says she has never seen such a bond between two dogs who were strangers when they first met.

“It’s so sweet seeing them together. They want to be together all the time. We even walk them together. Mr Jingles gets upset if he cannot keep Danny is his sights,” said Amanda.

Both dogs have plenty of friendship to give but nobody wants them and staff say it’s a mystery why the animals are being left to languish in kennels.

For Mr Jingles, who is about five, the situation is becoming desperate, say staff.

“Mr Jingles has been with us since December 2012 and has been looking for a home all this time. He is one of the most desperate dogs here. It is an achievement to get him paired up with another dog he is happy with,” said Amanda.

“He is such a happy fellow and always greets you with a lick.”

Lurchers are seen as racing or working dogs by many people.

But they actually make wonderful companions who easily fit into family life.

Staff feel Danny, who has many old scars on his face, legs and body, was probably a working dog used to hunt rabbits and perhaps bait badgers.

“He has seen life but he is very good-natured.”

At the moment, the refuge is home to around 40 dogs and 42 cats.

“Last year we had 80 dogs in at one time and we were to the point of bursting,” said Amanda.

Anyone who could offer Mr Jingles or Danny a new home should contact the refuge on 01228 560082.

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