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Charity’s Litter Problem

There is a kitten crisis in Cumbria

One animal charity has dealt with double the number of baby cats so far this year, compared to the same period in 2014.

Blue Cross volunteers in Cumbria have already taken in 22 kittens and are concerned numbers will continue to rise in the summer months.

While many of the young cats have been rehomed, there are 14 still desperately looking to be housed.

Joanne Park, one of only a handful of volunteer foster carers for Blue Cross, based in Carlisle said ‘ We hope owners come forward for all of the kittens in our care soon. We are concerned that not enough cats have been neutered and that we won’t have room to take in more unwanted litters.’

Among the litters are 8 kittens who are currently 2 months old, but will need extra love and attention after lack of care left them suffering from eye conditions.

They were handed to Blue Cross by a vet but, despite treatment, at least one of the cats have been left blind.

Many of the kittens’ mothers are only young themselves; stray mum Tarot, 18 months, gave birth to her litter in a wood store, near Carlisle Cemetery; while Tortellini is believed to be just 8 months to 10 months old. Michelle Smith, regional fostering manager, said ‘It is sad we are seeing so many unwanted kittens coming in to us but thanks to the dedication of our wonderful foster carers, who give up their free time to care for them, they will all go on to live the happy lives they deserve.

‘We are extremely grateful for all our volunteers and if any more animal lovers want to get involved just give us a call.’

It is not just the kittens in need of homes, while being inundated with young cats, it is also continuing to rescue and take in older unwanted or abandoned cats. One such feline is Henry Amos, who has been with the charity for a couple of months now. ‘We think at 13, his age might be putting people off,’ Joanne added.

To find out about rehoming a kitten or older cat in Blue Cross care, to make a donations, or to become a volunteer foster carer visit or call 0300 777 1920.

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