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Fundraiser planned as another pet joins pack

Bev’s dogged efforts

1823372617A dog-lover, who has rescued animals from Greece, Romania and Croatia, has added another to her multicultural pack – from Afghanistan.

Bev Peascod, 50, found Teela, who she thinks is a Labrador-Lurcher cross, on the Nowzad charity website.

She has not yet introduced Teela to her four other dogs but says she is adapting well to a quieter life on the streets of Carlisle rather than Kabul.

Mrs Peascod said: “She’s lovely, she actually smiles. Her face is so smiley. She’s a lovely natured dog.”

Teela was originally rescued by Nowzad, a charity that operates an animal shelter in Afghanistan and rehomes dogs either there or in England and America. It was originally founded by US marine Pen Farthing, who adopted a dog while serving in Afghanistan in 2007 and has since assisted over 700 soldiers to rescue the dogs or cats they have adopted.


Mrs Peascod said of Nowzad: “One morning I saw it on TV and it broke my heart because there was a dog there and a tank had run over its back legs.”

She has now organised a charity quiz night featuring Olly Alcock Band on Saturday March 28 to raise money for the charity.

The night kicks off at 7.30pm at the Ukranian Social Club, on Silloth Street, Carlisle and features a pie and pea supper and a raffle. Anyone is welcome, tickets on the door will cost £10.

No charity could be closer to Mrs Peascod’s heart, as she really is dog mad.

Her husband Bill Peascod, 60, calls her the Pied Piper of dogs as when they were in Zakynthos, Greece, on holiday dogs used to run across the road to see her.

She ended up rescuing one of those dogs, Sylvie, who was just skin and bone when Mrs Peascod met her and had a tyre mark down her side.

“I kept her in the hotel room for a week. It took eight months to get her back. I couldn’t have left her,” said Mrs Peascod.

Both Teela and Sylvie had to spend time in quarantine before Mrs Peascod was allowed to bring them to her home to Moorhouse Road, Belle Vue. Teela had been in the Nowzad shelter for a year and a half before Mrs Peascod contacted the charity last September.

Through a Just Giving page she raised £4,000 needed to get Teeka over to the UK. Now that Teela is her and safe in Mrs Peascod’s home, she could not be happier and is looking forward to seeing her grow in confidence.

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