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Greyhound rescue charity in new plea

Age is no barrier when it comes to giving new homes to rescued greyhounds, says a charity which has rescued hundreds of former racing dogs.

As chairman of Dumfries and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue (DCGR), David Kerry has launched a new appeal to adopt or foster them as pets.


“They are such gentle, kind and intelligent creatures and most of them are really quiet on the lead. Contrary to popular belief they don’t need a lot of exercise so are ideal for older people,” said David.

Just recently one of its greyhounds took up residence in the home of 83-year-old dog lover Pat Rickards, who has a heard condition and poor eyesight. Over the years Pat of Hightae near Lockerbie has rescued four greyhounds. Two of these including her present dog, Bess, came from the charity.

David said: “When her previous dog Tess died, Pat was heartbroken and really missed Tess’ company. Pat is a life member of DCGR and contacted president Arthur Robinson to see if she could help.

“It so happened that due to a change in circumstances and ill health one owner had to give up her nine-year-old dog Bess. Arthur asked Pat if she would like her as a long-term foster dog, it being hard to get homes for older dogs. Pat refused our offer and insisted that she was going to adopt, rather than foster, as she wanted Bess to be “just hers”. Bess has settled in very well and Pat just adores her. She can take Bess on short walks but she has a helper who does longer walks for her.”

The rescue organisation was formed 13 years ago to help healthy greyhounds which were being put to sleep at the end of their racing careers because they no longer made money.

David added: “The dogs just seem to sense they need to be gentle with older people. With confidence my wife and I have allowed our greyhound Carys to be taken for walks by my mother-in-law and a close friend, both who are in their 80s.”

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