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Lost Puppy Alfie – Found!!!!

A puppy lost in the woods for four days has been reunited with his owners

Alfie got spooked by another dog while he and his owners were staying with family near Aspatria.

The six month old pup ran off into the woods – only to become even more scared by paintballers competing alongside him.

Rob Thomson and partner Lou Rayment of Eaglesfield near Cockermouth were beside themselves  with worry.

‘Alfie ran off at about 10.30am on Sunday, August 9th,’ Rob, 30, explained ‘and we searched the woods until midnight.

‘We eventually left food out and went home, expecting him to creep back to the farm we’d been staying at – but he didn’t turn up.’

The second day the couple returned to search again, armed with Alfie’s bed, toys and favourite food. They camped throughout the night, whistling and calling for their beloved pet.

Rob said ‘ Ava is three and a half and the two are inseparable. She was really upset – we told her he was on a doggy holiday with friends but she couldn’t understand why¬† our other dogs weren’t there too.’

After anoth night and frantic appeals on social media, an old school friend of Rob’s got in touch.

‘Tina (Christina Cass) had seen it on Facebook and her business is as a canine behavourist’, he said, ‘I’ve known her since we were about five, and she sent me a message and said she’d come and give us a hand and bring her search dogs.’

Christina, who runs a business called The Dog Woman, travelled down from Glasgow with her husband, son and dogs and spent five hours searching on Tuesday and another five on Wednesday. The evidence she gathered gave hope that Alfie was still around – and alive.

That Wednesday night Rob and Lou headed back to the woods, armed with instructions from Christina on how to coax him home.

‘The advice was to sit hidden somewhere and watch the food bowl from a distance and stay quiet.’ Rob continued ‘We sat in the trees and watched and after two hours Alfie came wandering out.

‘He ran about 10m backwards at first, but once he realised who it was I’ve never seen him run so fast – he went straight past the food for a cuddle.

‘He’s so happy to be home and Ava is so happy to have him back.’

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