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Plum looks for loving home

018 Plum2

‘Such a sweet old lady should have been curled up in front of the fire’

A Lonely feline is looking for love after being forced to live in the wild for two years. Pet charity Blue Cross is hoping a public appeal might help Plum find her forever home in time for Valentine’s day. The 10-year-old cat was forced to survive alone outdoors for almost two years after her owners moved home – abandoning her to skulk around the Scaleby area, living under a discarded scrap of tarpaulin.

018 Plum1

When concerned neighbours realised Plum’s plight, they contacted the charity for help.

Joanne Park, Blue Cross foster co-ordinator in Carlisle, said: “Poor Plum arrived with us in a bit of a state with matted and dirty fur. Her little den under a bit of tarpaulin on some flattened long grass was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.” She continued: “Such a little, sweet old lady should have been curled up in front of a fire, not sleeping rough through two harsh winters.”

Plum is looking for an adult home where she can settle in and learn to feel secure again. She suffers from arthritis, but Blue Cross is offering financial support for her condition. Blue Cross volunteer foster carers in Cumbria are also caring for other homeless cats. Find out more at You can contact the local cat foster scheme about Plum or another cat by calling 0300 777 1920.

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