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Tala And Max

Tala and Max are Coming Along in Leaps and Bounds!

You may or may not recall a rehoming plea that we featured here on the site and in the  Cumberland News in August. Here is a link to refresh your memory regardless.

-The original story-


Well we are happy to report that Tala found a loving home to call her own, and as a bonus to a friend with her in the form of a cat called Max! We have received a grateful message from the wonderful people who found Tala and brought her back to the UK and they have asked us to feature it on the site.


So here it is, Enjoy!

We would like to say a big thank you to all the kind animal lovers who responded to our advert for a loving new home for Tala the rescue dog from Cyprus. We were overwhelmed by the thirty seven potential adopters and have to say it was  a very difficult decision to have to decide which we believed would be the most suitable to fulfill all of Tala’s needs.

But in the end we decided that a young family living in Kendal would be her best option. They were on the edge of a small village with lots of space for her, plus felt that with her needing training on a lead and having no road sense that it would be safer.  Also the couple who took her worked from home and so could give her the attention she desired with two young girls around to give her lots of cuddles and the stable routine which she had never known. Whilst she had lived with us she had bonded with Max the stray cat that had turned up at the door in need of veterinary treatment and so it was wonderful when the family asked if they could take Max as well.

Although they are greatly missed it is comforting to know that they are loved and looked after, and we can see them from time to time. There are so many kind people around and its takes something like this for you to remember that when you think how we came to have Tala. I hope that all the people who offered to take her will think about the others who are in desperate need of homes in the UK rescue centres. In the short time we had Max and Tala they gave us immense pleasure.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to her cry for help.

tala and max

If you read this and were inspired to adopt a dog, or any other deserving pet feel free to browse our rehoming section and give another animal’s story a happy ending.