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Team rescues comedian Bill’s dog

Star-struck mountain rescuers came to the aid of comedian Bill Bailey after his dog got stuck on a Lake District fell.

The crew did not know who the pet’s owner was after being called to Haystacks – and were then stunned to find out it was the comedian and TV personality.

Bailey’s dog had become stuck on a steep part of the mountain and he had headed down to a nearby farm to ask for help.

Mike Park, team leader at Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team, knows the farmer, who passed on his number to Bailey.

“I got this telephone call out of the blue, I hadn’t a clue who it was,” Mr Park told the News & Star.

“The dog was stuck. He had left his wife and two other friends up there with the dog and had come down to raise the alarm.”

The team were called out at about 6pm to help get the dog.

Bailey, known for his stand-up comedy, as we as appearances on shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You and QI, was staying in Cumbria on holiday.

“Just as we were approaching him somebody in the back of the Land Rover said: ‘That’s Bill Bailey’,” added Mr Park.

“After we got over a bit of the shock over who this guy was, we had to get out and do a job.”

There then followed a chase of the dog, which was loose on the fell. Nearly 30 mountain rescuers were involved. Mr Park said: “We reunited him and Bill. He was apologetic and most grateful. We had a good crack with him. From what I picked up from him he loves the outdoors.”

Mr Park stressed the team who have “gone out for whoever it had been”.

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