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Lost Persian with no identity will be rehomed

This beautiful pedigree beauty has ended up in a Carlisle veterinary centre  after being found wandering the city streets.

The female cat is a Persian, and therefore worth several hundred pounds. Despite this, she has no collar or microchip, and  nothing to identify who she belongs to.

Staff at Eden Veterinary Centre, in Kingstown Road, have spent a week hunting for anyone who may have lost her and are now issuing a final desperate plea before she is rehomed.

Head nurse Sarah Towler explained: “She was found by a member of staff at Bannatyne’s gym, in Kingstown Road, Carlisle, a week ago today.

“She had no collar or chip, but unfortunately did have matted fur and   fleas.”

Staff have managed to get rid of the fleas and are working on brushing out the tangles, rather than being forced to shave her.

Mrs Towler believes the cat is about five or six years old – although admits it is very difficult to judge with adult cats.

“She is a Persian and sort of a cream colour,” she continued. “I’m not sure if her colour would improve with a healthier lifestyle.”

The feline has obviously come from a loving home, as she was not starving and is very affectionate.

The vets attempted to hand her in to the care of the Animal Refuge – as they do with all stray pets – but unfortunately it is already full to the limits with cats which need rehoming.

For the time being, she will remain at the vets until a space becomes available.

However, once the seven-day stray time limit has passed, the Persian cat will be eligible for rehoming.

Mrs Towler added: “We would urge anyone who believes this might be their cat – or one they are looking after perhaps – to get in contact with us. We are asking the owner to bring a photograph of her with them.”

Anyone interested in rehoming the cat – should her owners not be found – or in giving a home to one of the refuge’s many other strays, is asked to call 01228 560082.

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