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Trapped hound rescued from barbed wire fence

A shivering and frightened hound, which was trapped in a barbed wire fence was rescued by three young men. The trio gave the dog, believed to be called Tramper, sandwiches, water and their jackets for warmth.

Andrew Poyner, Ryan Adams and Lewis Hillon, 20yr old friends from Frizington, Hensingham and Whitehaven, found the dog when they were walking south of Cogra Moss.

Barbed wire across the top of the fence had tangled around and cut into the dogs hind left leg, he looked in pain and you could see the bone where the fence had cut him, it looked like he had been there overnight. You could see he had been chewing the wooden fence post to free himself.

The young men launched a facebook appeal. A spokeswoman from the Hound trailing Association said that hounds are very rarely caught up in fences and it would be very unusual for one to have been left overnight.

A nearby hunting group Eskdale and Ennerdale Fox -hounds said none of its hounds had been reported missing on that day.

The farmer managed to track down the dogs owner who came along with bolt cutters to free him.

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