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Abandoned stray needs home after surgery

Mungo’s feline good after eye op

Mungo the stray cat didn’t have the best start in life…

Abandoned as a kitten, the unfortunate moggie had to learn to survive as a street cat in Carlisle’s Belle Vue area.

He then developed a painful and rare eye condition.

Thankfully  he was rescued and taken to the Blue Cross cat charity in Carlisle. Staff there arranged for Mumgo to have treatement at the Dalston-based Paragon Veterinary Group – and his future is now looking much brighter.

The 18-month old cat was suffering from an eye condition call entropion, which causes the lower eye lid to roll inwards so that the eye lashes constantly irritate the eye.

If left untreated, the condition can lead to severe eye infections and ulcers, and the loss of the eye.

In Mungo’s case, both his eyes were affected, and constantly tearful.



Mungo with Blue Cross volunteer Joanne Park

But the practice’s vet, Ann Noble, was able to carry out a delicate half-hour operation, using the veterinary equivalent of plastic surgery to rebuild the eye tissue and correct the problem.

“Ten days after the surgery, Mungo was holding his eyes nicely open and is much more comfortable,” said Laura Binnie, a vet at the practice.

“There’s no sign of infection or irritation and his wounds are healing well.

“The foster carer at the Blue Cross says that he’s like a totally different cat.

“He’s very affectionate, much more comfortable and willing to have his head and face stroked where he wouldn’t have previously. He looks lovely – very different to the cat he was before, when he seemed sad and nervous.

“The operation involves delicate surgical work but it appears to have worked perfectly well.”

Blue Cross volunteer Joanne Park said: “The surgery has made a massive difference to Mungo.

“When he was brought in his eyes were extremely sore and full of infection and he obviously couldn’t see very well so was very nervous.

“But now he can see properly and his character has changed completely. He’s extremely friendly.”

The tabby and white will soon be put up for adoption and thanks to the care he’s had, will be able to see every detail of his new home.

His details will be posted on the Blue Cross website. Go to and follow the links to Carlisle.

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