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Can You Give One Of Our Dogs A Home?

Hard up rescuers’ appeal after saving post-Christmas strays

An animal rescue centre only has a couple of places spare after taking in 19 stray cats and dogs over Christmas.

The Animals’ Refuge in Wetheral has a waiting list of people wanting to hand over their pets and has to turn people away nearly every day. At the moment the refuge centre is looking after 35 dogs and 26 cats, some of which have been there for over two years.

David Jordan, the director of the Animals’ Refuge, said: “Unfortunately, we are seeing more dogs and cats coming in. For some reason it does tend to be more dogs around the Christmas period.

We see quite a lot that are put out as strays and come in sadly some of those are dogs that require medical treatment. That can often be one reason why people put them out, because they know there are veterinary fees coming up and so, especially at an expensive time like Christmas, the choose to avoid paying by passing the animal on, which is very sad.”

The Animals’ Refuge pay for the treatment of every dog or cat that comes in, despite the charity being in financial difficulty itself.



The charity depends on donations and has been running at a loss since 2008.

Mr Jordan said: “That’s clearly not sustainable. We really need people’s held if they want us to be here in the future. It’s been a very difficult time since the credit crunch. Our funding has dropped massively and we’ve never really been able to received. So we’re running at a loss, using up assets that had been put by for future projects but as they run our there’s less we can do.”

One way the charity gathers support is through its Facebook page, where it posts a wish list, which includes everything from dog food to toys and treats. Mr Jordan said: “Over Christmas people have been so kind giving us donations and gifts for the animals.”

There are two dogs in particular that the Animals’ Refuge would love to find homes for; a lurcher Mr Jingles and terrier mix Olly, who have been at the centre for two years and two and a half years respectively. Both dogs are in need of experienced owners as they have come from difficult backgrounds and can be nervous around strangers.

To contact the centre, call 01228 560082.

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