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There’s no question Quiz and I will be back again!

A schoolgirl says she is determined that her dog will qualify for Crufts again after appearing in the prestigious show for the first time.

Bethany Graham, a 12-year-old pupil at Trinity School in Carlisle, entered the competition with her one-year-old springer spaniel, Quiz, after he qualified for the competition at an event in Belfast in September last year.

Eleven other spaniels were also taking part in the same event, with prizes awarded to the top five.

The format of the competition, which took place on March 5, involved each dog walking in turn around the ring, before Bethany had to then run alongside Quiz – who will soon be two years old – keeping him under control at all times.

Unfortunately for Bethany, who lives in Beverley Rise, Harraby, Quiz misbehaved during the events and became excitable, meaning that she missed out on a prize – although it did not dampen her spirits or enthusiasm for the famous competition.

“He did play up quite a bit when he was in the ring”. Bethany told¬†The Cumberland News.

“He sometimes jumps up and bites his lead when he wants to play and it was marked against him.”

Bethany added that she was thankful for the support shown by the school in allowing her to take part in the competition, giving her the day off so that she could compete.

She says she will continue to take Quiz to competitions in the hope of returning to Crufts. “We tend to just go to local competitions,” Bethany said. “I entered the one in Belfast, which is where ¬†Quiz qualified for Crufts, but it’s possible to qualify at any competition so it just depends.”

Bethany says she has yet to decide if she wants to become a full-time dog trainer when she leaves school, but will definitely continue to do it as a hobby.

Her mother, Shirley Waterson, added: “She was just so excited to compete and really enjoyed herself.”

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