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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2013’

  • Ferrets

    The five welfare needs for ferrets

    There is no one “perfect” way to care for ferrets because every ferret and every situation is different, but certain essential needs must be met. It is up to you how you look after your ferret, but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that he/she: has …

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  • Guinea

    Guinea Pigs

    Guinea pigs make good family pets, but need to be looked after responsibly under adult supervision. They usually live for 5-6 years, all though this can vary. Guinea pigs are intelligent animals and can become friendly if they are cared for well and handled from a young age. …

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  • Rat

    Keeping Rats

    Rats are generally inexpensive to keep and make good pets as they enjoy contact. They are highly social and form bonds. New rats can be integrated into a cage but it is often easier to purchase them in pairs, preferably the same sex. To ease them into their …

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  • Reptile 622x244

    Creating the Right Environment for Your Reptile

    Unlike many other pets, reptiles will spend a large part of their lives in their enclosures or terrariums and in some instances, may have been caught in the wild- therefore, it is vital to give proper thought to the design and set-up of your pet …

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