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    Sainsbury’s have produced a guide to finding a missing pet. It is a very useful guide. Please click on the following link to view. pets-reunited

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    First Lakes sightings in 10 years Simon O’Hare ‘We have reds popping up in areas where they had not been seen in previous years’ The native red squirrel is winning its battle for survival against the invasive grey across Cumbria, despite an outbreak of the …

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    A Rabbits 5 a Day is quite different to ours Fruit and vegetables are to a rabbit what sweets and chocolate are to us. It is  recommended for us to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.  For some of us this may …

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          Teenage dog handler Katie Arnold is jumping for joy after being selected to represent Great Britain at the European Open Junior Agility Championships this summer. The Wigton Nelson Thomlinson schoolgirl is one of the top handlers in the UK and will form …

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    Our Canine Capers Winner

    All of the votes have been counted and we can announce the winner of our Canine Capers competition, and the dog hamper worth £90 from Paragon Veterinary Group – Pets is Bailey! Congratulations to Bailey’s owner Jacqui Our Winner Bailey with his Prize and owner …

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    German Shepherds’ fosterer shocked at cruelty meted out to gentle creatures

    LOO Johnson nods at the two German shepherd dogs dozing on the sofa by her grandchildren Sophie and Lucas. “Look at them – fierce guard dogs, eh?” Loo is well aware of the reputation German shepherds have. And she knows how far removed this can …

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    Check your pet’s mouth regularly

    EVERY fortnight, JOHN STITT, BVM&S MRCVS, a vet at the Alexander Vet Centre, writes for our Pets pages. DO you brush your teeth twice daily? Do you visit the dentist once or twice yearly? How often do you look in your pet’s mouth? Research has …

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    Service Gives Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

    FOR many pet owners, especially elderly people, what happens to their animals if they die before them is a major concern. The pets of many elderly people are valuable companions and there for them when family can’t be. The Home for Life is the RSPCA’s free service, …

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    Time to Brush up on the Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Oral Hygiene

    WITH National Pet Smile Month under way, leading vet charity, PDSA, is reminding owners of the importance of taking care of their pets’ teeth. Dental disease is one of the most common diseases affecting pets, but it can be prevented with routine dental care. PDSA senior veterinary …

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  • Where to get a dog & where not to get a dog!

    A dog lives on average 12+ years – these days that means a dogs life is longer than the average marriage, so it makes sense to put as much thought (if not more!) into where you get your dog from, as you would in deciding …

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