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  • Treats important to rewarding dog during training

    Are you concerned about your dog’s behaviour or do you have any questions about training? Dog training and behaviour consultant, SADIE BRUNSKILL, of Ulverston, is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and promotes force-free training IN this second part of a two-part series on …

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  • Yellow ribbon shows dog needs space

    Seeing a normal-looking dog approaching you with a big yellow ribbon or bandanna attached could easily bring a smile to animal lovers’ faces. In fact it is an important sign this is a dog who needs to be left alone. The Yellow Dog Project was …

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  • Copeland stray dogs

    A dog that is loose or escapes into a public place and is not under supervision can be a menace. A stray dog will foul, can be aggressive and in some circumstances may attack people. They may also cause road accidents, worry livestock and injure …

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  • Carlisle strays welfare

    Animal Welfare If you suspect that an animal of any kind is being subjected to any form or cruelty then the only organisation that can legally deal with this is the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to contact the National …

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  • Allerdale stray dogs

    Stray dogs Responsibility for stray dogs, including out of hours stray dog duties, transferred from the police to Allerdale Borough Council from 6 April 2008. This was part of a national change as part of an amendment to the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, …

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  • Allerdale missing dogs and cats

    Missing dogs If you have lost your dog please contact our Customer Services Centre on 01900 702800. You should also contact your local vets. Missing cats You should call all local vets and local animal charities: Pets Lineline – contact Joyce on 017687 73723 Animal …

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  • Good reptiles for beginners

    While reptiles can make rewarding pets they do require a high level of commitment and many people embark on ownership without realising how expensive or difficult they can be to care for properly. Particularly when you are a beginner, the right choice of reptile can …

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  • Reptilepet

    Reptile keeping and the law FAQs

    Like just about everything else in life, there are laws to be obeyed when it comes to keeping pets – and pet reptiles are no exception. Fortunately, however, keeping on the right side of the boys in blue isn’t too hard, but as always, it …

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  • Rabbit1

    Bunny welfare

    Get your rabbits neutered, unless they are intended for breeding and provisions have been made to care for both parents and offspring. Before allowing rabbits to breed, seek the advice of your vet to ensure they are suitable for breeding in terms of their health and personalities. …

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  • Rabbit

    Keeping rabbits

    Food Rabbits need to be fed a balanced diet which is high in fibre. This will help to support their growth, movement, and digestion, along with their general wellbeing. In caring for your rabbit, it is important that you maintain its diet and that you do not …

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