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  • Getting a Pet Rabbit

    There are many you things that you need to consider if you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit. Rabbits make wonderful indoor and outdoor pets but they do require time, money and affection. Long gone are the days that we thought a rabbit was a suitable …

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  • Keep your pets cool this summer with these hot tips!

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    A Rabbits 5 a Day is quite different to ours Fruit and vegetables are to a rabbit what sweets and chocolate are to us. It is  recommended for us to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.  For some of us this may …

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  • Ask the vet

    Do you need expert advice about your pet? Every week Kate Hornby (BSc BVMS MRCVS), a vet at Grove Veterinary Centre in Barrow-in-Furness , gives advice on looking after pets Conditions may be avoided with some extra care I hope I don’t jinx things by …

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  • Rabbit1

    Bunny welfare

    Get your rabbits neutered, unless they are intended for breeding and provisions have been made to care for both parents and offspring. Before allowing rabbits to breed, seek the advice of your vet to ensure they are suitable for breeding in terms of their health and personalities. …

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  • Rabbit

    Keeping rabbits

    Food Rabbits need to be fed a balanced diet which is high in fibre. This will help to support their growth, movement, and digestion, along with their general wellbeing. In caring for your rabbit, it is important that you maintain its diet and that you do not …

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