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Horses for Rehoming


Since 1937 HAPPA has been saving lives. Whatever the decade, or indeed the century, the Charity has strived to improve equine welfare.

Our founder, Miss Mona Huskie was ahead of her time and campaigned tirelessly to prevent the export of live equines to the continent and over the years, we have risen to many challenges. We’ve cared for pit ponies, working Shires, former Police Horses, ponies in Dartmoor and many abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Each era has brought new and different things for us to deal with and our working practices have adapted to help us meet those challenges.

HAPPA’s Equine Inspectors investigate over 300 cases of cruelty and neglect each year, offering advice and support where possible and preventing cruelty by intervention and prosecution where necessary. They have a wide range of expertise on all aspects of equine welfare and are fully conversant with the laws relating to the application and implementation of equine legislation within the Animal Welfare Act 2006; Animals Act 1971; Horse Passport Regulations 2009; Control of Horses Act 2015.

Shores Hey Farm, in Burnley Lancashire, is a fully equipped Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre providing home for up to 60 equines at any one time. The Centre is open to the public and also has a café, farm and gift shop, second hand tack shop and playground on site. Visit the Centre and Scullery café daily 11am-4pm, the yard and stables are closed Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Events, clinics and activities are run throughout the year, Shores Hey Farm also offers meeting, conferencing and Arena facilities for hire to continue to raise funds for the Charity.

Can you offer a Forever Home to a HAPPA Horse?

Our loan scheme enables certain HAPPA horses, ponies and donkeys to be placed with suitable Borrowers under a legally binding agreement. HAPPA have an outstanding reputation for Rescue and Rehabilitation and produce quality horses & ponies that are fit for purpose and go on to achieve great things. Let HAPPA find the perfect partner just for you. From a dressage horse to happy hacker, pony club pony or cuddly companion, we have them all!

Our Equine Support Team provides a robust aftercare service offering guidance and advice to enable our horses to remain in long term homes. We are on call anytime to answer any queries you may have about your HAPPA equine and conduct a mandatory visit twice a year to ensure that the quality of care meets HAPPA’s high standards.

There is a waiting list for ride able animals but as we try our best to match the right borrower to the right animal, not everyone has a long wait! We have three sub categories of re-homing rideable, companion (non-ridden) and fostering.