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Copeland stray dogs

A dog that is loose or escapes into a public place and is not under supervision can be a menace. A stray dog will foul, can be aggressive and in some circumstances may attack people. They may also cause road accidents, worry livestock and injure themselves.

For all of these reasons it is important that stray dogs are collected and taken into kennels for their own welfare and for public safety.

What is a stray?
There is no statutory definition of a stray dog. However, any dog found in a public place, or private place where it should not be, which appears to be without its owner and not under the control of its owner or a person representing them, may be seized and detained as a stray dog by an appropriate person.

What to do if you find a stray dog when the Council Offices are open
If you believe a dog to be straying and it is within the boundaries of Copeland, you should report the matter to Copeland Direct as soon as possible on 0845 054 8600. You will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Your name, address and telephone number (mobile if possible)
  • A description of the dog, and
  • Where you saw the dog to be straying.

What to do if you find a stray dog when the Council Offices are closed
If a stray dog is found out of council hours you should contact the out of hours kennelling service:

Fair View Kennels,
Cumbria, CA28 9UF

Tel: 01946 591064.

What you can do if you have lost your dog
If your dog has gone missing you should report to Copeland Direct on 0845 054 8600 and provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and telephone number (mobile if possible)
  • A description of the dog (colour, age, sex, identifying features)
  • The date, time and where you last saw your dog.

If we have collected your dog
We take all stray dogs to:

Tutehill Rescue and Rehoming Kennels,

Tel: 0778 974 7049.

To retrieve your dog, you will need to go to Tutehill Kennels and you will be required to pay a fee before the dog can be released. Additionally there is a £10 per day kennelling fee required for every day that your dog has been in kennels. A stray dog will only be held for seven days.









Release Fee








Kennelling Fee








Total Payable








If we do not have your dog
Our staff will retain all your contact details and the details you have provided concerning the description of your dog on a Lost Dog Report. All lost dog reports are referred to our Enforcement Officers at the earliest opportunity who will attempt to match the description of your dog to any dog collected as a stray.

Microchipping your dog
We recommend that all dogs are microchipped by a veterinary practice. This is a small chip that goes in-between the shoulder blades, just under the skin and identifies the dog and owner. A dog with a microchip stands a much better chance of being reunited with its owner.

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